Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Celebration of Taking Pictures

Each year the celebration of Eid Fitr has become more and more of a grand scale photography sessions for many families. The advancement of technology has given people the opportunities to keep their memories for a very long time. This is to the advantage of the future generations, who will be able to look back one day of how our celebrations are held today. There is no need to own a DSLR camera or any other sophisticated camera to capture moments nowadays. Suffice if one has a hand phone with a camera. Every movement made is snapped in order not to miss any memorable jiffies.

This year taking pictures has become a routine. You are the odd one out if no pictures are taken. I guess I have been the odd one for the past two years.  I learned that what is shot in a second does not reflect the truth of the circumstance. Those smiles captured are for that moment for the sake of the photo session(s). Aside from that, there is already a trend of being showy. The intention of taking photos is no more mainly for
reminiscences but to post them on social websites for the whole world to see. It's like a silent competition among these people to compete with one another through those postings.

Some even went to the extreme end of photographing the ugliest look one can make. And thus, there are group photos of people in their Raya outfits looking like a bunch of quirks. I am sure they have reasons for doing that but then again, off late, people don't seem to need any reason to do anything.

For those who are in the "lovey dovey" mood, they will capture themselves (using their hand phone) looking into each other's eyes or just their hands clutching (anyone can claim those are their hands). These are private affairs but they desire for the world to see them in such state by posting those photos on FB.

I hope one day these people who take too many unnecessary pictures will stop and think of those unfortunate ones who will never be able to understand even the joy of living. In whatever we do, the best way is always to be moderate.


  1. a lot my generation nowadays had misunderstood the real purpose of snapping a picture... some even captured pictures of themselves making duck faces which i found really annoying.... they should just stop because i believed that one day they will feel mortified of what they had done... just my pov tho...

    1. If you (from the same generation) can find the activity annoying, imagine me...I try hard to understand many things about the younger generation but certain things are just a bit too much to digest :)