Saturday, 18 February 2012

It gets to their head

We have achieved our independence for almost 55 years now and indeed our country is standing with its head up looking proud in the eyes of the world. No one in the era of YM Tunku Abdul Rahman, our first Prime Minister, would have imagined that we could come this far and be recognised around the globe. We indeed owe it all to our 4th Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir.

We are no doubt catching up with the developed countries in infra- and info-structures; and we definitely top the list among the developing countries. Nevertheless, the mentality of majority of our people remains underdeveloped and is far from having achieved its "independence".

I don't have to look far to prove my point. Looking at my own students, a particular group of them who have the opportunity to do the twinning programme with an Australian University, is enough to confirm the matter. And these are youths whom we hope to exhibit zero sign of colonised minds for the future of the country lies in their hands. Regrettably, only with two years abroad to be among the "mat salleh", studying at a "mat salleh" University, having "mat salleh" lecturers, they have come back to try to sound and behave like the "mat salleh". They have become unnecessarily critical over petty matters because it's not like when they were in Australia. Born and bred in Malaysia all their life and the two years changed their perspective of their own country. Their minds have become more colonised than those who have lived through the years of the British rule.

With many English words still mispronounced and some English sentences used are still grammatically wrong, yet they have actually came back with an attitude. The journey of their life has hardly begun. The criterion of becoming a successful teacher has never been where one is trained or educated. It's what lies within us. If one begins with forgetting one's root too easily, the journey may not be an enjoyable one after all.

Tun Mahathir never studied in any "Mat Salleh" country in his life, yet he became the Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years and brought us to where we are today...a proud nation envied by the rest of the world!!!


  1. I wish my Cohort can go abroad...
    Wonder why the government stop sending teacher trainees abroad...

  2. ...and come back "worshiping" the Mat Salleh???

  3. no, i'll come back with a new point of view of life and of course, experiences.