Monday, 5 December 2011

The Long-Awaited Break

It was a mad rush towards the end of this semester - the rush for finding suitable dates for moderation of exam papers, marking, entering marks, preparing reports - everything to ensure dead lines were met. Alas, it was over by 24th November 2011. I was glad I managed everything without a glitch, thanks to Allah who gave me the strength - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now it's relaxing time. This break is much needed and being in my hometown without having to think about work for a while is simply blissful. Coinciding with the fruit season is indeed a bonus to be here. Eating the fruits fresh from the trees is indeed a privilege to me. I know many would envy this joy I am experiencing but if it is any consolation to all my friends, I do remember you everytime I have those juicy fruits in my mouth...hmm...yummy.

Most of the Kampong folks are involved in the seasonal business of selling durians by the roadside. Since my Kampong is along the old North-South main road, many passers-by do stop for fresh durians. With the Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre in the Kampong itself, the number of outsiders buying durians is doubled. For now, everywhere and everything is about durian here.

Drug addicts are also taking the opportunity to steal durians from other people's durian orchard, including my mum's. Without shame they shove a wheel barrow to collect durians from under the trees daily and open up a stall by the roadside to sell them. Unsuspecting passers-by will stop and purchase those durians which will definitely be sold at a much cheaper price. After all, no capital is involved. Shouldn't their activities be reported to the police? No matter what, it is theft. Yes it should but I guess the kampong folks have given up on the police. I should say no more.

Minus the drug addicts, I am pleased that the fruit season is here again. It's durians + mangosteens + durians + mangosteens until there are no more left one day or until the break is over...whichever comes first :)


  1. well, i'm happy for you, miss hawa...
    and i am a little bit envy because i got no village any more since my grandparents have move to a town and left our village, left all the orchards. but i'm still glad since my neighbours are very thoughtful and they will give us some of the fruits they got from their home-town... rambutans are so delicious~

  2. Thank you fatihah. If it isn't because of the semester break I wouldn't be enjoying the fruits as much as I am now. It's a waste to have left your village for good. But I'm sure your grandparents must have had a good reason for doing so.