Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Follow the Heart?

When it comes to the matter of the heart, there are so many questions that cannot be answered...and if they could, the answers are more self- justifying rather than anything else.

Of late, a new trend is seen to be widely accepted by our society. Younger men are dating and marrying older women. I am still very much of a conservative person and I cannot seem to go with the flow whatever the reasons maybe. There are not too many reasons that I have heard of anyway. The most common one used by older women is, "eventhough he's young, he's mature". And the most common used by younger men is, "mature women make me feel more comfortable". Both parties are therefore looking for maturity in their partners but if we observe them closely, neither behave quite maturely. The older woman takes control of her man because she is the one financially stable and the younger man abides by her rules like a toy-boy seeking comfort and refuge. Where is respect in this so-called mature behaviour? Or perhaps respect has a different definition for this group of people.

Fundamentally, human beings seek pleasure. If that's the kind of pleasure this older women-younger men are seeking, be it then. Just hope that the pleasure sought is not ephemeral.


  1. i can relate this to Prophet's sirah... Khadijah is financially stable, whilst Muhammad is her worker and yes Muhammad is really mature and knows how to handle her business... then, because of Muhammad's honesty and etc, they're married... so what's the problems?

  2. Can anyone be compared to our Prophet or Siti Khadijah?