Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Twigs are amusing & adventurous stick creatures who live in knotholes of ancient trees. When climate change threatens their old forest, Twigs stick together to survive!

Prickly and stickly as they may be,
These branches rest in eternity,
Renewing the very, very soil they used to be,
To give inspiration,
To a brand new greenery...
Faces of Twigs...

                                                                                                 twig tiara


unusual & amazing
furniture made of twigs

halloween twig centrepiece

rustic twig ball bouquet

twig decorations for home

Dear students of J1.7,
Twig Scrapbook

Get yourself a twig. Observe, feel and smell your own twig. Imagine that the twig is your new pet. Give it a name. 
Paste the twig  on the front cover of the scrapbook with its name on it.

Have a 'birth certificate' page.

Then, write a short description of the twig, followed by a short story of your new pet twig in the scrapbook.

Please post comments in this blog on how you feel having a twig as a pet.



  1. i think it will be fun since we have to pretend that the twig is alive and as if we can interact with it~

  2. That's the whole idea. To have fun while learning English. Use your imagination, let it run wild a bit and bring the twig to live :)

  3. okay, i will try, in fact i'm starting to love my twig~ i call him, Yul~

  4. hye miss..i've already have a pet.and they are alive.this twig will increase the no. of my pet ^_^...but its kinda interesting to imagine something that not alive as my pet..and new thing about my new petwig stay in my scrapbook and i can talk to it..i guess..=,=

  5. I think that the idea of having a twig as a pet is very creative. Treating a non living thing as a living thing is a whole new experience to me. Interesting. ^^

  6. Thank you for the positive feedback. I hope this activity will also have a positive outcome.

  7. I never thought of having a twig as my pet. The last time I had a pet is when I was in primary school. There are cats at my home but I don't really like them. Maybe it's time to have a new pet and this time it is not an animal :)

  8. Actually I already have a pet that is a cat. It's 3 of them. How I miss them so much. Even though they are so naughty and always make my house in mess, but I love them. :)

    About the twig, I'm so excited to have another pet. In version of non-living thing. :)))

  9. To be truth, I just lost my pet. It is a white coloured rabbit. It died just a past few days ago because of an unexpected incident. Having a new 'pet' made by twig is actually reminds me a lot of memories towards it and I felt a bit relief. Maybe I should accept the fate and treat my new 'pet' as a present from God. Besides, I found it rather funny and exciting activity.

  10. Hi, Miss Hawa =)
    In my opinion, the twig can be what I want it to be, an ideal pet for me. For my pet twig, it may have characteristics that resembled human qualities. It is fun having to imagine what my pet twig can and cannot do.

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  12. I think the idea of having twig as our pet is a very unique idea. I have no pets at home so maybe by imagining a twig as a pet will train me to become a good owner if I have a pet one day. :)

  13. Exciting, funny, unique...I'm expecting something really good here :)

  14. my twig called bubblebee :) and its sounds cute isnt ? :D
    this is actually i think very interesting task that we need to do . having a twig as a pet would be a unique and a nice experience . :)

  15. ouh ya , i am najwa miss hawa :))

  16. i don't have any pet before this. this is my new experience having a pet because i need to imagine a twig as my pet. now, i like to have a pet at home.

  17. Miss hawa, just want to tell you that Ummul Furqan is Siti Fatihah Binti Mohd Ali. thank you.

  18. This activity requires me to think out of the box by imagining something that didn't even exist to be my pet.
    It actually makes me realize that we always need someone to be with us,to accompany us and being alone in this hectic world is impossible.
    :Nur Syaheela: