Monday, 4 July 2011

Learning To Know What You Really Mean

When you say, "Can't you do that for once?", you might actually mean:
  • I am tired of your irresponsibility
  • I resent telling you things
  • I don't like myself for having to remind you
When you say, "You don't really care much, do you?", you might actually mean:
  • It hurts me that you care so little
  • Please care more!
  • It hurts me that we communicate like strangers
When you say, "I'm so tired with life!", you might actually mean:
  • Our life has losts its real intensity
  • Please do something!
  • We have become what we did not want to become
  • Our life centers too much on working, eating and watching tv
When you say, "You always do that" or "You never do that", you might actually mean:
  • I am really frustrated that neither of us can really listen to the other
  • Please react...
  • I feel ignored and I want to communicate with you
Words are smoke screens and security builders
Words are bait to be swallowed by the unsuspecting
Words are arm-twisters and weakening agents
Words are mirrors of the soul
Words are cries for help
Words are words and so much more...


  1. very often,our words are not what we really want to mean...many of them will misunderstood our sayings in our real,we should aware and responsible to our sayings to avoid some unnecessary misunderstanding...for instance,we should and must try our best to explain our words when someone misunderstoods us...

  2. The best way is always to tell the truth eventhough the truth sometimes hurts others. It's better to hurt others with the truth than make them feel good with our lies.

  3. words can be a better weapon to hurt us people than a real weapon can do..thus, we really have to be more careful in our words especially for someone who carries the name of a TEACHER...
    (^.^)v >peace<

  4. yeah , means that we need to think wisely before we say anything isnt :))