Monday, 4 July 2011

English Sound System


Dear students of J1.7...
Hope this will be of some help to you in understanding the English Sound System. Do post comments on what you think of it after watching the video.


  1. miss, between the front and back vowels there is another vowels rite? what are they?

  2. it is looked like very easy but actually it is needs alot of practising...i have found that my pronunciation is not very well and can be considered very,i need lots of effort and others' helping to cope with that...i sincerely hope that i can do it!!

  3. Haziq, try to read up more on English vowels. See if you can answer your own question. Discovering things yourself is more exciting, don't you think?

    Jessica, consistent studying will enable you to cope with everything that comes your way... :)

  4. i found tht this video is very useful to me :) i have dwnldd it .
    thanks miss hawa .