Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Madding Crowd"

For the last two weeks it has been a mad rush for those interested in applying for the Pensyarah Cemerlang post. Some immediately dropped everything else to start filling up the forms and searching for documents as evidence to qualify them for the post. Appointment letters, certificate of attendance/ participations and some other not so important documents which have been chucked away and have been lying dormant at the bottom of the drawer are dugged up for they are said to have some significance for this purpose now. They are all neatly sorted, labelled and filed.

Others who were earlier on contemplating to apply finally decided to send in their application and joined in the mad rush after being cajoled by colleagues and friends who felt that this is an opportunity no one should forgo.

The "madding crowd" gets bigger. Everyone I met at any time anywhere in the Institute was discussing about the post, their work performance for the last three years, their chances of getting the post etc.

It is indeed an interesting scenario when everyone thinks they are the most suitable and qualified to be awarded "pensyarah cemerlang". No doubt some truly deserve the post but as I see it, only a handful...just a handful has the merit. These are the lecturers who give priority to their core business, that is lecture and deliver well. Aside from that, their extra curricular activities are superbly developed and their contribution is felt. There is a professional balance between their performance as a lecturer teaching in the classroom and as a lecturer professionally outside the classroom. Other than this handful, the applicants failed to see themselves when they look into the mirror. It may sound harsh but then again, truth always hurts. Truth, too, seldom sets into the minds of those who are so full of themselves.

Oh well...I am just glad I am "far from the madding crowd" :) ...

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