Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Crossing the Border

 A short break from the frenetic and mad rush of the daily working routine is certainly good for the physical and mental system, especially when the company is right. The two-night stay in Hatyai was indeed memorable because there was no schedule to be followed, everything was done at the spur of the moment and everyone got to shop as, where and what they wish. 

Malaysia-Thailand  Border

Malaysia-Thai Border: Some things have not changed over the years. After stamping the passport and upon signing it, the Thai immigration officer unashamedly asked for RM1.00 as a token for obliging us before returning the passport. For those who are visiting the first time, their first impression unfolds what awaits them once the border is crossed.

Mayflower Hotel, Hatyai

Paying RM98.00 for a two-night stay is definitely cheap in comparison to 3-star hotels in Malaysia. The room is quite spacious and comfy with a roomy bathroom. In Malaysia, this room will no doubt be at least RM160.00 per night. If anyone is interested for a body massage, the charge for a masseur is only RM35.00 for a whole two hours. No wonder Hatyai is a hot spot for many people from all over the world.

This notice was posted on the wall at the lift in the lobby. I guess it is only meant for one guest's inconvenion which was the concern of the manegement...hehehehehe

 This nasi lemak is creatively served at the Salma Muslim Restaurant which is located adjacent to the Mayflower Hotel. The rice fragrance is enough to open up your appetite early in the morning.

The restaurant also sell one second-hand chair, and it is placed at the entrance. Customers will not miss it. Anyone interested? I assume there must be something special about this chair...

All the ten of us move from one place to another in the town of Hatyai in this vehicle called tut-tut. We need to bargain the fare which ranges from 13 baht to 20 baht per head, regardless of the distance from one point to another as long as it is within the town area. Though cramped up, it was fun riding in it.

Deep-fried Lobsters

Every night the stretch of road nearby the hotel will be occupied by hawkers selling varieties of Thai delicacies but this one caught my eyes. Mouth-watering but I did not buy any because the food is not covered. One has to just be extra careful with food intake in foreign land.

Tribute to Coca-Cola

Coke is still very popular here that a monument was erected to commemorate it. A friend was very excited seeing the huge bottle which was contsructed by piling up coca cola bottles systematically, that she refused to barge until I snapped this photo. The onlookers were amused looking at the photographer and the photographed.

I tried raw oyster for the first time and walla...I love it. Just squeeze lime on it and place some grinded chilli as well as vegetables before stuffing it into your mouth...yummy!!!

 Opposite the hotel is a row of massage parlours which seem to be doing good business. We gave the foot massage a try on our last night stay there and it was awesome. The masseurs are skilful and the charge is only RM25.00 an hour.

This was one page of the menu at Hamid Muslim Restaurant. It has among others Air Tebu - Sugar Can, Air Asam Buiw - Apricot, Mangga Ranum - Ripness Mango...hehehehehe...

 The fun we had in Hatyai finally came to an end when we left for Sultan Abdul Halim Airpot at 2pm. We ate a lot, we shopped a lot, we laughed a lot and I guess that says a lot about this short break...

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