Tuesday, 1 March 2011

As I was passing...

... I saw these few things which I managed to capture with my Canon 550D.

         Bandung:  A creative way of tagging the restaurant. It is read as Mutu 5 Bintang Harga Kaki Lima.

Taman Safari, Indonesia: The place is filled with wild animas and no one is allowed to get down from their vehicles. Nevertheless, the signboard is more funny than dangerous to me.

Johor Baharu: This was placed at the back of the taxi driver's seat. It is indeed the result of Communicative English which has been so emphasised by our Ministry of Education.

Tanah Lot, Bali: For those who do feel they are dignified, I'm sure this will make them think twice before littering.
Shenzhen, China: First I saw this from where I was seated in a ferry from Shenzhen to Hong Kong...

Then, when I turned to look to the right, I saw this...ah well...
Beijing: Rocking Fork or Fork Rocking?

Bali, Indonesia: As coffee lover, I find this to be instantly boosting my crave for a cup of coffee
Beijing: ...and I innocently asked the tour guide what can you get there...
Cheras, KL: Even after alerting the mistake made on the banner, nobody bothered to do anything about it. Can you spot the mistake?
Sharing makes life more interesting. Thanks to the technology which has evolved tremendously in the last few years, what I saw as I was passing at some of the places I visited are able to be shared with my friends.

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