Friday, 18 March 2011

Are You A Team Player?

Teamwork ethic simply means that we have successfully created an environment in which the rewards for working together outweigh those of working for one own's interest. But do people care about ethics anymore? It is a much spoken issue but hardly practised by many. A known fact which is knowingly ignored.

Trouble may stem when there is a rivalry between two or many ambitious colleagues especially when new opportunities surface and these people begin eyeing the same opportunity. Those who work with or close to them will get caught in the fallout of their machinations. Judgement, morale and productivity will all suffer. No one will come out a winner. Ambitious people who let personal priorities get the upper hand will destroy a great deal of goodwill, waste energy and upset everyone.

Effective leadership contributes to effective teamwork. It is not about bosses giving good recommendations for promotions or awards to their subordinates or gaining popularity for leniency. It is all about their ability to motivate and inspire people to work together as a team. A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't want to go, but ought to be. However, bosses are not necessarily leaders. And if bosses themselves are caught in the web of self-promoting and visibility, subordinates can easily lose faith in trying to make a difference because these bosses will be too busy with themselves to notice the difference their subordinates have brought to the organisation.

We cannot be blaming one person, though, for the failure of teamwork. Individually, are we team players? How much are we willing to contribute and sacrifice as a player to the team we belong to? If we do have the sense of belonging and loyalty towards the team - our team - every work or task becomes easier to complete. Everyone will be seen as a piece of strength that in unison, no force may be able to shake or break. Otherwise, we would better not consider ourself a team at all.

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