Friday, 4 February 2011

My CNY Break

This one week Chinese New Year  break was not quite beneficial to me as I have expected. I had so many things prearranged, of what to do and to be completed by today. The week started off reasonably well with a wedding attended at Taman Permata in Ulu Klang with family and friends. Beautiful wedding, tasty food and good company. That was quite a memorable event.

The whole Sunday was quality time with Mum. Took her out for lunch at the Sari Ratu Restaurant in Kelana Jaya. Regrettably, the food at the Pandan outlet was tastier. But since Mum has not had the opportunity to dine there, I reserved my comments since she was fine with the food she was having at Kelana Jaya.

On Monday Mum and I had lunch with Hameeda in Shah Alam. It was Hameeda's treat. We ended in a not so fancy restaurant because, as usual, Mum is very selective in her food consumption...all her life. She doesn't eat chicken, choosy of the types of fish and the list goes on. Interestingly though, she can simply enjoy her rice if there is a bowl of tomyam and a small plate of kailan ikan masin. Well...that's my Mum. But even so, she doesn't demand for anything; instead, she is always accomodating, making me more obliging to ensure she gets what she wishes.

By Tuesday I was back in my hometown where I intended to spend the rest of the holidays. I have a long list of work to be completed before the Institute resumes "business". Days passed without much of the office work done. One day was spent washing, cleaning and polishing my car and later watching tv. Another day doing banking chores, paying bills, marketing and later watching tv. The next day was organising my documents on the laptop, burning photos into DVDs, uploading photos and documents to my skydrive and later watching tv. The irony is, I'm not a tv addict. I can live without tv. So, why have I been watching too much tv this whole week? I wish I have an answer for that.

Today is Saturday. Has it been a productive week for me?Not where my office and lecturing work is concerned. Nevertheless, I still want to be optimistic about tonight and the whole of tomorrow. Who knows, the mood might swing to a potentially good disposition and my week might simply end auspiciously in conjuction with the Chinese New Year.

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