Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Liberty to Speak

     There are many times we have conflicting views with others - acquantaince, friends, family members and even our bosses. What happens then? To avoid unpleasant situations arising, we choose, more often than not, to reserve our words. Nonetheless, that doesn't end there. Sometimes we turn to others to spit out our disputes. If "others" decide to add spice to what they hear, our dissatisfaction for not speaking up becomes worse than expected.
      We actually do have the right to an opinion. Why should there be a need to prevent ourself from stating our views if they differ from the rest around us? What we need to do is to mask our words in euphemism. Our viewpoints just need to be diplomatically packaged. We could agree to disagree and have a cup of coffee together afterwards.
     Sometimes some people strongly believe in freedom of speech that they forget they are dealing with others who are totally different, disagreeble or plainly do not share/ accept their opinions. When this happens, what others hear might be "different" then what is meant and that they might miss the point totally because it struck a nerve. Freedom of speech gives us the liberty to speak our minds without imposing our ideas on others. It is a privilege that comes with responsibility and possess the element of mutual respect of another's viewpoint regardless of age, race and creed.
     Therefore, in practising that freedom of speech we must not get carried away and become tactless to the feelings of others. And perhaps too, it should not be made a passport to verbal diarrhoea because people are likely to hate than to consider whatever points made, however much sense they do make.

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