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Great Expectations: Analysis of its Ending

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is a manifestation of a man dominated by cash values. Pip believes that money will do the ultimate for him; make him a gentleman and bring Estella into his arms and life. Nevertheless, the "great expectations" which Pip has in life are slowly met with disappointments because along the sequence of events his "great expectations" begin to turn him into a collaborator in the crime of using people as means to personal ends. But, as in all Dickens' novels, an act of redemption is required and Pip realizes his mistakes. As Pip changes for the better, the events too, take turn for the better. Many problems are solved and the most significant change is in Estella herself. The novel's end is the true beginning for both Pip and Estella: "I took her hand in mine...I saw no shadow of another parting from her." (page 493, Chapter 59)

This much-disputed ending of Great Expectations is not a betrayal to the story that precedes it. Pip who seems to be a victim of circumstances cannot deal with his overwhelming love and devotion for Estella and his sudden rise to comparative affluence blinds him to real values. The coincidences in the events are used as connections of the unconnected. The events make a logically sequential pattern of discovery. The timid and sensitive youth develops into a snobbish gentleman and later goes through a process of redemption and eventually repents. He is not too late as he gets a chance to rectify his mistake with Magwitch. He stands by him until his trial and death. And, Joe: "What remained for me now but to follow him to the dear old forge, and there to have out any disclosure to him, and my pertinent remonstrance with him, and there to relieve my mind and heart of that reserved." (page 463, Chapter 57). Therefore, it can be said that Pip does not lose the essential goodness in him. Money is thus not the root of all evil. It's the love for money that is so. It is just fair and appropriate that after the sufferings and loss Pip experiences, he should gain something in return. The lessons he has learnt in life are crucial and valuable. His unity with Estella is the best way for this novel to end, which fits the saying, "in every cloud there is a silver lining." He deserves her after all that he has been through.

At the end of the novel, it is not only Pip who goes through a redemption period but Estella too. Similar to Pip, she is also a victim of circumstances which resulted in her being supercilious. She is used as a tool by Miss Havisham to take revenge on men but unfortunately suffered more pain than the old lady ever could, by her ill-fated marriage to Bently Drummle. Through this experience and the wretched years he has gone through, the pride and scornful spirit that she has in her is finally broken. She also happens to be the actual reason of Pip's soul searching and eventually finding his true level. Dickens has portrayed both Pip and Estella in a remarkable way and the purposeful events they encounter in pursuing happiness in life brings them back together as two reformed people. Both of them discover that there is nothing more humanly worthwhile about material gains and rich people than there is about humble folks.

The sequence of events presented are consistent with the ending as it completely integrates in the fable-like quality of the story. The complexity of the story with a few unpleasant surprises is finally sorted out by retaining Pip's quest for personal fulfilment. The plot of the novel has sustained the interest of the readers throughout and the ending rewards their interest. The ending is an ending in both significations: an end and the arrival of meaning.


  1. Two Kinds- Analysis of its ending.

    Two kinds is a short story by Amy Tan. The story is about a little girl,Jing Mei who tries hard to fulfill her mother's wishes. Jing Mei mother wants her to be a child-star like Sherley Temple.But, as a little girl,all Jing Mei wants is to have a normal happy life being herself and able to play around like her friends. She was reluctant to do whatever her mom told her to but she doesnt want to dissapoint her. As she grw older,she became more rebellious and refuses to take her class(piano) and other things that her motrher thinks would help her to become a star.The story ends with Jing Mei regretting her acts during her childhood as she wishes that she would tried harder and fulfill his mother wishes.

    The ending of Two Kinds symbolises regrets. Jing Mei fix her old piano back and practice on her song. She then realises that she could play the song almost perfectly.If only she had not given up,she will not have the regrets she had.Her mother would be so proud of her. It was perfectly fine that she didn't want to be someone she didn't want to be, but the way she showed that was what happened wrong.

    Jing Mei was under a lot of stress.This leads to her irresponsibility on practising her song seriously although her mother brags on how good she is. This is shown when she completely blows the talent show. She played badly and embarrassed her mother.

    The sequence of events presented are consistent with the ending. First,she tries hard to impress her mother,then she became rebellious and given up. In the end,she regretted her act and she wished that she was not that ignorant.The plot of the novel has sustained the interest of readers. Although the language used was simple,the story touches readers with words full of emotions.

    Nurul Najihah Bt Abd Malek (J2.8)
    Two Kinds,by Amy Tan.

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    The short story “The Legend of Sleeping Hollow” by Washington Irving was not an attractive piece of story to read compared to its mystique sounds like title. I chose this short story at first because I like folklore, fable and fairytale kind of stories. Growing up when I was a child reminds me of how my parents and teachers used to use this kind of stories to attract my attention. Especially my late grandmother where she used to told me stories verbally when she babysat me. I guessed being a child we always been fascinated by the folklore, fables or fairytales.
    The Legend of Sleeping Hollow began at a village in Tarry town that was said to be enchanted with some kind of magic. The village was a very quiet and the people was amused by supernatural things and day dreaming some more. The story was mainly about Ichabod Crane from Connecticut who was sent there to become the schoolmaster. There, he met a farmer’s daughter named Katrina Van Tassel. However his love story did not went smoothly as what had been expected. He had a rival from the local figure that is Brom Van Brunt or best known as Brom Bones.
    In their rivals against each other, Brom Bones had tried many ways to dismissed Crane from the competition including using physical confrontation. However, these method does not seemed to work upon Crane. So, Brom Bones used his other skill that is prank. Unfortunately, these also does not seemed to scared Crane a bit.
    One night, after had been disappointed by Katrina at her party, Crane went riding home broken heartedly. On his way, he saw Headless Horseman that is the supernatural legend of Sleeping Hollow. Not a skilled rider, Crane was easily got chased by the Headless Horseman and at the end, he knocks Crane of his horse. The next day, it was found that there was hoofed prints, Crane’s hat with smashed pumpkin next to it. Crane was never heard of again in Sleeping Hollow, although later on it seems that he was living elsewhere and told his stories. Some also believed that Brom Bones who was the one who disguised as the Headless Horseman.
    From the story, we can understand that some people are willing to go to a certain extend in order to get what they want. It shows that people are selfish and careless about others. How I wish these would not happen to be me in any other way. I believe I still can climb my way to the top and getting what I want without hurting other people. By what I believe I still can maintain a peaceful relationship with others and achieving my dreams at the same time.

    J 2.8

  4. To Kill a Man : Analysis of its Ending

    To Kill a Man by Jack London is a short story which depicts a woman was trying to kill the burglar, Hughie Luke in her house. Mrs. Setliffe believed that she could easily kill a man when the revolver was in her hand. However, her guts did not allow her to shoot a man in that circumstance. She failed to kill him and finally the man went out from her house in front of her eyes.

    To kill a man is actually not simple as we talk. We need courage to end one’s life. In the short story, Mrs. Setliffe was the victim and she planned to kill the burglar who came to her house in one night. Even though the burglar pointed the revolver to her at the beginning, she stayed calm and started to have a conversation with him. From my point of view, her purpose was to obtain the trust from him. She invited him to drink with her and she attempted to take his revolver which could harm her. Besides, she was a clever woman because she planned precisely although she was under a dangerous condition. In order not to lose her burglar, she tried to make him believe in her where she promised to offer a job to the burglar. “I can find you a position… I’ll lend you the money you want to send to your friend”. It shows Mrs. Setliffe was so keen to catch the man for she used many tactics to deceive him. Her conspiracy was clear which she did not want to let the burglar went out from her house easily and she desired to chastise the man by her own.

    In the last part of the story, Mrs. Setliffe succeeded to take the revolver from the man. The man was trying to sneer at her because she did not have courage to kill him. In my opinion, during the conversation, the man discovered she was not a cruel person who had guts to kill a man. The reason I think like this because when the man kept teasing her, she just shouted out “ be careful” for a few times. She did not shoot him down. It proves that however the woman was calm but she did not brave enough to kill a man. In reality, we always say we want to kill somebody when we are extremely angry. But, we do not really take action because it is a huge challenge for us to kill a man. It challenges our emotion and mental. It challenges our conscience as well.

    This short story consists of many ironies which we cannot expect. These are the most notable part in this story. Besides, its plot is well developed as it is interesting and makes me have the feeling to know what the ending is. I learnt a lot of values from the ending of this story which can be implemented in our daily lives.

    Chong Ai Ling ( J2.8)

    URL :
    Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin brings up the issue about the effects of skin colour which means that there are no boundaries between blacks and whites. The main protagonist of the story, Desiree, raised by her adopted mother Madame Valmonde. Armand, a member of one of the most well-known families in Louisiana, falls in love with Desiree, and marries her. However, Armand is the one who undergoes a change by the end of the story. After they have their first baby, Armand realizes their baby’s skin has a dark skin and he ends up accusing Desiree of being black. Armand hates the black because he believed the theory that whites are the masters and blacks are the slaves.
    Irony plays a big role at the end of this story. In the end of the story, it becomes clear that the parent who is truly black is, instead of Desiree is Armand himself. Even though Desiree is deeply hurt and shocked by Armand’s reaction and behaviour towards the fact that their baby is black, she still loves him at the end of the story just as she did in the beginning. She is the protagonist in the story because she is the one who accepts her baby although the baby is black.
    At last, Arman knows about his identity when he gets form of a letter from his mother who wrote, "night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery." This reveals the real truth that Armand is the one who is black and likely not Desiree. It is also ironic when he lost his wife as well as his baby, and also lost his self-image, for he claimed that he had one of the best names in Louisiana.
    At the end, the story left with an image of Desiree wearing a thin white garment which she confronts Armand about her skin color by saying “Look at my hand; whiter than yours, Armand”. It shows that the truth has revealed but there is still have issue that the author wants us to think about the irony between this couple by stressing on Desiree’s appearance which is white skin. The story is presented by Kate Chopin with ironies which all lead the reader to the actual truth, but then again try to mislead the reader at the same time. Kate Chopin had created a twist at the ending of this short story that can trigger the understanding of the reader to read again the story from the beginning.

    Puteri Nurellina Shafiqa Bt Rosli

  6. The Pencil by Ali Majod is one of good stories that I have ever read. Actually, I have read this story a few times before, while I was in Form 1. But, I do not get bored because it is a very interesting short story. Besides that, the entire text is easy to understand. As I went through The Pencil, it gives many values that can be followed.
    Basically the story tells us to be more humble and do not showing off what you have because others might be so envy with you. It will starts with negative emotions toward others, then leads to misunderstanding, and get into fights. As stated in the story, Zahid hit Dolah because Dolah has stolen his pencil. In my opinion, he does not have to do so because it is just a pencil. It will be better if they discuss professionally.
    Anyhow, I think we as a matured person should be able to control our emotion. If we want something, we have to work for it. As we all know, we cannot get things easily without sacrifice something. As in The Pencil, Dolah stole the pencil because he felt so jealous with Zahid because he bought a new pencil. Not only that, he did not admit that he was the one who stole it. It is wrong to tell lies.
    The teacher plays a big role to settle them down. The decision that has taken by giving them the same new pencil is brilliant. It made them felt satisfied to one another. Next, stop them from fighting.
    Nevertheless, from my point of view, sometimes people cannot control their emotions. So, this story tells us to think rationally before do something and it is suitable for kids who actually want something but they afraid to request to their parents due to many reasons. Because of that, they tend to steel and fight with others although it is just because of the small thing such as a pencil.

    Here is the link:

    Nur Nadia Natasha
    J 2.8

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  9. The Black Cat: Analysis of its ending.

    The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe is about a man that has been control by his emotion. Narrator claims that he was right even he had done something that is morally wrong. However, the real story of his life has just begun after he started to be became an alcoholic person and turns himself to became a moody and violent person. The discovery of corpse of his wife was totally a sentence to the narrator. The story end with “Of my own thought it is folly…monster up within the tomb.”

    This is actually an ending that the narrator never thinks of it. He think that his plan was good which there is nobody will discover it. The black cat seems to be the victim of the narrator at the beginning of the story which his eye had been cut by the narrator. That cruel behavior makes the narrator feel remorse only for a moment. He did not realize that the cat was an innocent in that case. He tried to show off his anger through the cat which is unable to hurt him at all. After the cat has recovered, it seems to felt wary of narrator yet irritated narrator. The cat was hung by the narrator through his spirit of Perverseness. He said that Perverseness is part of all humans. He also state that it is “one of the primitive impulses of the human heart...who has not, a hundred times, found himself committing a vile or silly action for no other reason than because he knows he should not?”

    At the end of story, it is not only the pity wife and cat was died but also narrator kindness. It is similar to the corpse; narrator heart did not feel pity on others anymore because his heart was dead. We clearly understand that narrator is unreliable because he is willing to kill his wife just because his wife had stopped him to kill the cat. After that he was walling up his wife corpse in the basement. He also refers the killing of his wife as “the assassination”. So, we may say that the murder is intentional. The police have heard an inhuman wail emitted from the tomb where the narrator had walling the corpses.
    That become the end of the story which narrator has been caught for the crime that he had done. Even that the story ended in a common way which is the villain was held to sentence, his spirit that out of sanity will not comes to the end. Anyway, the ending has achieved a balance between the crime and the sentence.

    Title: The Black Cat
    By: Yap Meng Hua (J2.8)

  10. Around the World in 80 days: Analysis of it's ending

    Around the world in 80 days is a classic adventure novel written by French author Jules Verne. The story revolves around an Englishmen named Phileas Fogg who went to a journey around the world in 80 days by bet. The development of the main character continues throughout the story. In the beginning, Phileas Fogg is portrayed as a man who is stern, cold, calculating and disciplined. He believes that he will managed to travel around the world by means of different transportations and he is challenged to embark in this adventures by his friends. This marks the beginning of his adventure around the world accompanied by his servant.

    The main character of this story rarely shows his emotions. But, he is considered as a hero because of his heroic personality of which he is calm, large-hearted and gallant. He did not show his emotions as a human being but rather focuses on his journey around the world. His character continues to develop when he grows to love an Indian Princess and later the woman became the centre of his life.
    Phileas Fogg met many obstacles during his journey. The last obstacle that he faced is being accused to be a thief. He nearly failed to complete his journey and need to pay his friends large sum of money. But, in the end he managed to overcome all the odds and announced to his friends the end of his travels.

    The analysis of the ending of this particular classic tales is very interesting as we will see that it is possible to accomplish something impossible despite the obstacle. We also see that the achievement of the main character is not only his success in going around the world in 80 days but able to be with the woman he loved.
    I learnt a lot of great lesson by reading this novel. I also found out that there are many ironies that we often did not expect in this story. Although the story is written in the 19th century, the morale and values existed in the story can still be implemented in our lives.

    Nurkahlelayati binti Awang Mumin
    (J 2.8)
    Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne
    retold by Margery Green

  11. At Life's Crossroads is written by Faisal Wasim Ismail is a short story where it was the writer's own experience in his real life.
    At the beginning of the story, we can know the dilemma of the writer where he was confused about the path that he should take in his life. we clearly can see that doctors and engineers were looked up by the society and many of them were involved in that particular field. Engineering was not a choice the writer. He prefers business or medicine.
    Although he is interested in both fields, he still could not make up his mind for his career. So, he went to do work placement to gain experience in both fields. He learnt many things in a multinational company. He tagged along with sales and marketing people and got a feel for how the world of finance funtioned.
    While being In hospital, was a great challenge for him. The working hours and commitment was really hard for him. He can feel a fulfillment when he a good number of people being discharged. Still he could not make a better decision about his profession.
    A particular incident affected him a lot. it was when he saved a life from an accident. He was really touched when all the family member of the victim said that "you are an angle". He could feel the happiness in his life. At that time, he decided what he want by enrolling in a medical college.
    The narrator told the story in a way where it could attract many people's heart and also feelings. It was a wonderful story. "we spend a lot of our time wondering about what path to take in our lives. This experience taught me that sometimes, you don't really have to worry about the big decisions. At times, these decisions are made for you-and that whatever happens is always the best"...

    At life's crossroads(Faisal wasim Ismail)
    Reader's Digest August 2010

  12. Most of the romance love story whether it is a film or a short story, we will expect a happy ending.The short story, “Return To Paradise “ written by Eliza Riley is a romance short story which it is about a husband and wife, James and Liza returns to the island of their honeymoon to think about their marriage.This young couple have been married for three years where their had start their marriage with a perfect bliss. Yet, thing becomes worst when their first children died and at that time James was not there because he was working out of town. Liza hated him then, for not being there.
    However, this story ends with a happy ending as Liza would cancel the divorce. The last paragraph of this story is,
    “They had come here to dissolve their marriage but maybe there was hope. Lisa stood up and took James by the hand and led him away from the bar towards the beech where they had made their vows to each other three years ago. Tomorrow she would cancel the divorce; tonight they would work on renewing their promises.”
    The last paragraph as it represent the ending of the story shows that there is always a hope for every problems to be solved. In the whole story , this is where the
    real romance starts . The wife recognizes the empathy and pain of his
    husband . She know that James is the only one man who he will love for the rest of her life. She realizes that it may not be too late to work things out . Then she make a decision to save their marriage.
    The ending of this story gives the reader a message that we should make a right and the best decision in every important part of our life especially in our marriage. Life may be full with challenges and as a human being we will be tested with so many challenges that could break our heart. But with the power of love we can manage to listen to our heart and makes a decision carefully to solve whatever challenges that occur in our life.
    The ending of this story gives inspiration for us. From this story, I have learnt that love is tough and we learn and grow through its law, and as a part of that learning we experience consequences. Liza has get herself to the highest frequency of her good feelings that she can, and finally the force of love to his husband has resolve the situation for them.
    J 2.8

  13. Forgiveness-Analysis of its ending

    Forgiveness by Jennifer Aubrey B.Yting is a true short story about the tragic death of the author sister and how the author managed to overcome the the guilt of killing the her sister because the the author is supposedly killed her sister my mistake.This short story was featured on the January month readers digest.The story takes place in 1984, when the author and her sister were young and the story revolves in the small city of Butuan, Philippines.
    The story in about the tragic accident which claimed the of the authors three years elder sister Sharon AKA Ate.After a typical day of school, both sisters planned to go back home on a jeepney.The vent took place near the author house while crossing a road.After getting down from the jeepney the authors sister had instantly crossed the street without waiting for her younger sister.The author who was at that time scared to cross the road alone called her sister back to guide her across the street.The tragedy took place when Ate was hit by another jeepney from out of nowhere that cost her her life.
    The ending of this story mainly emphasizes of the value of forgiveness.After her sisters tragic death the author faces a dilemma of accepting her sister death and had an internal turmoil thinking that she is the reason for her sister death.Few days after that her mother took the author to the jail to see the driver who was driving the jeepney that hit Sharon, he was arrested for killing Sharon.After talking for a while the driver started crying asking for apology from the authors family.Her parents who had realized that this was an accident forgiven the driver and he was released after that.The author who was facing a dilemma thinking that she is the reason for her sister's death told what happened to her parents and she was forgiven.At last, she felt a relief from the feeling of guilt.
    from this ending, we can analyze and conclude that the outcome in the future would have been different to the author if her parents did not forgive her.He gained the strength to tell her the truth after her mother have forgiven the driven if not, the author would have lived with the feeling of guilt for the rest of life which would have seriously devastated her.
    In conclusion, i can say that forgiveness is the factor that differs man from animals and it takes courage to forgive people.Forgiving someone also will give them another change for them to prove themselves and make something out of them selves.

    The Readers Digest January 2011

    P.s: Madam Hawa, I am very sorry for the late submission of my work.I was little uncertain about the credibility of the story i have chosen so i had to refer to my friends to recheck again.I am very very sorry ma'am, Such mistakes wont be repeated in the future.Thanks.

  14. The Adventure Of Charles Augustus Milverton by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Charles Augustus Miverton from the story of the adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a man of evil and described as the worst man in London. Holmes, the main character of the story who plays the good side of the story is trying to bring down the king of the blackmailers Milverton with his genius plan by bringing up evidence to fight Milverton in the court. But before Holmes can get the evidence of the blackmailing activity, Milverton flee by threatening Holmes and the narrator with a revolver. But Holmes is determined to get the evidence to bring down Milverton. With the companion of his friend Holmes and the narrator broke into Milverton house to search for the evidence. The story ends with a twist of the death of Milverton murdered by an avenger that came to his house to take revenge for her husband. The case was close as the man behind all the evil died and Holmes completed his mission not by his doing but by the act of justice to prevail the evil.
    As I read the story, I predicted that Holmes will solve the problem and will capture Milverton by himself but the writer gives an interesting end to the story by the scene that Milvertone was killed by his avenger. In the end Holmes comes out with his own conclusion that justice will prevail the evil, this we can see in the second last paragraph when Holmes refuses to deal with the case of the murdering of Milvertone. The story is interesting as the hero of the story, Holmes, was narrated by the narrator himself who is also the main character and a friend to Holmes in the story. The narrator uses lots of poetic devises, “... serpent in the zoo and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes...” (Line 25). When I read the short story, it reminds me about William Shakespere writing because the writer uses similar writing techniques as Shakespere but in a much simpler version.
    Overall of the story is very interesting as the writer uses lots of imagery devices to help the readers to understand more about the situation and the atmosphere of a certain scene. The thriller and the sequence of the story will make the readers to be more curious to know what will happen in the end as the result of the conflict within the story and the set of twist in the end of the story will gives the readers a satisfaction of unpredictable resolution.

    By Mohd Fikri bin Rosle

    P.S:I am sorry madam. As madam know, i did sent the critical analysis by email because i thought it was supposed to be sent to your email. I am sorry also for the late submission, because of the story was quite complicated so i have to read it again and again in order to fully understand the story. So i did not make it to finish up the task in the class, so i was planning to send it in the evening after class after my asar prayer. But i was in a bit rush that i have to attend the "rumah sukan" training in the evening, in the end i send my work at 7pm by email. I hope madam will give me a chance to improve my time management and other mistakes. I am very sorry madam.

    The Tell-Tale Heart is a short story written by Edgar Allen Poe. This story is about a man claiming that he is nervous but not mad. He says that he is going to tell a story in which he will defend his sanity yet confess to having killed an old man. He killed the old man because he was afraid that the neighbour might hear the loud thumping. Then, he dismembers the body and hides the pieces below the floorboards in the bedroom. The ending of the story is that the man confessed to the police that came to the house and rip up the floorboards.
    This story illuminates the psychological contradictions that contribute to a murder. The murder of the old man illustrates the extent to which the narrator separate the old man’s identity from his physical eye. Besides that, because of the man warped sense of reality, he obsesses over the low beat of the old man’s heart yet shows little concern about the old man’s shrieks, which are loud enough both to attract a neighbour’s attention and to draw the police to the scene.
    This story itself for me is unique. The main character is nameless and is talking in the present tense. The writer descriptively goes from each scene until the events lead up to the killing of the old man. There is no threatening problem being posed onto the narrator other than the old man’s eye. However, things become more interesting when the narrator can still hear the old man’s heartbeat although the old man has already dead.