Saturday, 8 January 2011

Positive thinking

It's always easier to blame others when something goes awry. It's the best defense mode for those who are not courageous enough to admit their mistakes. Lately, this finger-pointing phenomenon gets stirred up aggressively when various groups of people from various organisations begin to blame social websites, especially Facebook (FB) as one of the causes of social ills, broken marriages and failed relationships. Prior to FB, hand phones shared the same fate of being blamed. This is simply saying the stone is at fault when we tripped and fall at a particular spot.

I enjoy "face-booking" and I owned two hand phones. To date, the former has opened up an interestingly new chapter in my life and the latter get me connected anytime, anywhere with whoever I want.

Via FB, I have had two reunions with two different group of school friends. Not to mention the countless old friends whom I have lost contact with for ages and students whom I have taught since 1981...they are all in touch with me now, thanks to FB. It has become a platform to reach out to those whom we have temporarily lost with time.

Lets reduce our focus on the negativity of everyone and everything around us...think positively, be positive, stay positive...


  1. I think when we keep in thinking negatively, it will spoil the whole day. It becomes even worst if we drag it to our work. We should be prepared to face a lot of things in order to become better person.

  2. How do you think we can train ourself to be thinking positively most of the time?

  3. Yup...It's good to think positively. However, there is a lot of things which are not under our control. I use to think negatively and I confess I'm a pessimistic girl because I will make the worst assumption when there is something happening. For me, we have to be responsible for ourselves before we think positively.What I mean is there is no use to think positively but we ourselves do not take our own responsibility.

    Chong Ai Ling J2.8

  4. I think we can train ourself to be thinking positively most of the time by reminding ourselves that sometimes things happen for a reason. We should bear in mind that life ain't easy. In fact, everyday when we wake up, we should always think that today is better than yesterday. Smile always.