Monday, 17 January 2011


Modern, sophisticated, upper class Malays generally do not watch malay dramas on TV. However, this is just an opinion formed based on experiences and observations with time. It could be true in most cases and not necessarily acceptable in others.

Not belonging to any of the categories I mentioned above, and on the pretext of wanting to stay in touch with the development of the malay community in general, I make it a point to watch these dramas from time to time. Many friends have given me the disgusted look when they found out I actually watched the malay dramas but who cares...I'm not ashamed of being labelled conservative or "makcik-like". My point is, these dramas are portrayal of my malay society - the very colourful malays!

No doubt, not every drama is recommended for viewing, is entertaining or impressive. Nevertheless, some have really touched me right at the soul of my heart. There's a sense of satisfaction which lingers on in me after watching it. It's not exaggerating to say that some of the good ones have taught me a few valuable lessons and helped me see things from different perspectives. There are those which have lifted my spirit and made me realise how lucky I am in every possible way today.

Let us Not make what Tun Mahathir had said once, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", a persisting fact. In one way or another, we have to be proud of our own root like Kunta Kinte did of his. Our dramas may have flaws in the choice of characters or weak plots but the take off point remains with the fact that those people responsible in presenting them are giving us a scenario of the everyday life, whims and fancies of the malay community...MY malay community.

I am "Melayu tak mudah lupa"...

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