Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wedding Season

The end-of-year school holidays have traditionally become the wedding season for the Malays, especially in the kampung areas. This year, every weekend there is a wedding invitation to fulfill and everyone is either a close relative or somehow related in some way or the other and everybody gets to be invited. That's the interesting part of a kampung life.

But things are not without changes. In yester-years, food will served by penanggah, youngsters who worked voluntarily to serve the guests on the wedding day. There would be a few pretty girls in-charged of giving out the bunga telur, which were hard-boiled egg, while guests enjoyed their food. Now, it's buffet style. Rather impersonal to me. Guests come and help themselves to the food and leave. And the bunga telur is now either a piece of cake, sweets or apples, still given out by a few pretty girls who are at times over-dressed for the occasion.

Previously, kampung weddings were never without joget lambak and live band. On the eve of the wedding, youngsters would dance to all kinds of music played by the band boys. Now, it's karakoke fever. Everyone sings not because they are good but because they think they are good.

There are more weddings to be attended before the holidays end. Yet, I'm already tired of the nasi minyak and the repeated dishes at the receptions. Nevertheless, the thought of meeting relatives, especially those not met for a long time, makes the food secondary to me. One can never tell if this could be the last opportunity the meet them. Life is so short after all.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Traffic Summon Discounts: A Sad Joke

Those who received traffic summons after 30th November will enjoy discounts up to 50% depending on how prompt the payment is made. How sad can a joke be? Rules are violated but you are rewarded. Will lesson be learned? Furthermore, is this fair onto those who were summoned before the set date?

The traffic police has been so inconsistent where summons are concerned as far as I can remember. Enforcing certain rules seem to be done ad hoc occasionally. It sickens me sometimes. For example, I have been checking my summons via internet and there was none in 2008 and 2009. Recently, when I checked for this year's, it showed I have one summon dated 7 June 2007. Why didn't it appear in 2008 and 2009? And how come I was able to renew my road tax in both years? Is this twilight zone or what?

My respect for the traffic police is indeed thinning...