Saturday, 1 May 2010

Let the truth be known

It's undoubtedly sad to know when a young boy was killed unintentionally by the police recently. The boy's family and society were quick to blame the police. Those who knew the boy had all nice things to say about him. Once again the police, our law enforcer, become the villain in this real-life drama.

My sympathy goes to the parents who suffer the loss but the society needs to be fair in their judgment. What was the teenager doing driving around without a license at 2am? It wasn't a weekend. Which means the next day was a school day. Why was the parents unaware he was out? Was it because what the boy did was nothing out of the ordinary? Why did he speed off when he saw the police? There are so many questions which only the boy could answer. Everyone else who's alive and know the truth will choose to keep numb. It's a trend nowadays.

The police is not always right but the police cannot be wrong all the time. We need to be fair even though in the process we may seem heartless.