Friday, 19 March 2010

The Loss of the Malay Intellectuals

The new Malay generation today has an overwhelmed interest towards entertainment. Consequently, they are constantly swayed and influenced by anything that has entertainment values.

Many among the Malays today are more attracted to the "Jom Heboh" concert and others alike rather than initiating efforts towards the development and excellence of knowledge. They have forgotten their responsibility to uphold the religion, develop a progressive Malay race and build a strong nation which the world envies.

The media is partly to blame for giving too wide a coverage on entertainment compared to issues related to intellectuality. What happens to an entertainer, for example, is covered widely for weeks. When Michael Jackson dies on the 26 June 2009, both the electronic and print media fed the world with everything about him to the extend that a child who never knew the existent of this man when he was alive, learns about him in just a week.

On the other hand, Dr Sheikh Fathi Yakan's death on the 13 June 2009 was reported casually. And who is this man? A renown intellect in the Islam world who dedicated his life towards upholding Islam but hardly known to the majority of the Malays in this country. What more his work, especially his book entitled "Apa Erti Saya Menganut Islam?" which was translated to BM and became one of the important references to the world.

There is a need for the Malay generation today to retrospectively think in order to determine a clearer and meaningful path to follow. There is indeed a need for a mind shift to reclaim the intellectuality among the country's Muslim Malays.

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