Sunday, 4 October 2009

Students In The Present Day

The quality of students at higher institutions is deteriorating at a lightning speed.By quality it includes academic achievement and attitude. Spoon-feeding at school level has to be reduced drastically.This is probably one major cause of the worsening of quality. Students expect everything to be served for them. They don't see, they don't know. And because this spoon-feeding is so often repeated by teachers, it has become a part of the education system in Malaysia. As a result, students become dependent, lack initiative and deem others incompetent when their needs are not attended to.

At higher learning institutions,students experience culture shock when they are required to be involved 100% in independent learning. Lectures are meant only to introduce topics and outlines as guidance for them to delve into. Tutorials are sessions for them to probe further into subject matters which are still vague with the guidance of lecturers. Nevertheless, even after a few months of advice and support, neither academic achievement nor attitude of these students transform.

Interestingly though, these students, despite often reminding them of what is expected of them as students of a higher learning institution,do not see the problem is with them. Instead,they find shortcomings with either the system or the lecturers.Indeed, it is a very sad state of affairs.

Very often lately the feelings of helplessness engulfs me when I don't seem to get through these messages to my students. Have I lost my touch of being the teacher I used to be? Or has time changed people so much that students have lost the quality that my peers and I had when we were studying?


  1. Spoon-feeding... Are you referring to me? haha.

    Being there, done that and what I can say is that so long that our Edu system is still exam-oriented, we would expect the students to be dependent. Why? Is simple. People love to ask WHY since they were kids. WHY? Because it is a LICENSE for them to get the answer. Whenever they ask WHY, for certain they are fed with the answer. So, lama2 jadi biasalah.

    As for the 'babies' in institution, well, maybe we do need to give them time for transition. They will transform- for the better (hope) not for the worse.

  2. Not referring to anyone in particular. I did say "students", and therefore, it could mean anyone who is a student currently.

    The system is not exam-oriented. The teachers have geared it to be such. Time should be taken to educate and not merely teach to pass their exams.

    Transition period should not be stretched to cover the whole semester. One month is ample if effort is doubled. Time is too precious to be wasted for those who don't help themselves enough.