Monday, 19 October 2009

Soraya Jacqueline Jamil

Feeling frustrated that I had forgotten to bring back important documents to complete a report, I spent time looking at old photos over the weekend. Something which I have always enjoyed doing intermittently to relive old memories. This time round, I spotted a photo of my secondary school friend, way back in 1976. I was in Form 5 and she was a year my junior.

I could not recollect exactly how our friendship set off but I have nothing but sweet memories of the friendship shared. Occasionally, we would stay back together for extra curricular activities and had lunch (the tasty curry noodle) at the primary school canteen (then known as tuckshop) which was adjacent to the secondary school we were attending. We spent limited time together due to the fact that we were from different batch. Friendship grew, nevertheless.

As I recalled, she was the first friend who wrote letters to me during school holidays and once a while even during school days when we did not get to meet up. That was my first experience engaging in letter-writing. A wonderful experience indeed.

I owed it to her too, for cultivating my interest in reading. Because she read more, she always had more to share. Not wanting to feel left out and not always in the know, I frequented the school library, started borrowing more story books and reading became one of my favourite past time since then. I travelled without moving an inch.

We went our separate ways once we completed our secondary school. We continued writing to each other years after we left school. She then left for Australia to further her studies and I ended up in a teachers' training college. The last I heard of her was when she sent me her wedding photo from Australia. She had decided to stay on there, her mother's homeland.

It has been ages now but memories of her are kept fresh in my mind.

Dear friend, wherever you are now, I hope you have found happiness in everything you pursue in life.

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