Saturday, 10 October 2009

A matter of opinion

There's one more week left of Syawal. Open houses are rampant, like an epidemic occuring widespread. It's an interesting phenomenon and this practice will be continued with the Deepavali open houses since Deepavali will be celebrated this weekend.

My subject of focus is however not the open houses per se but of married couples (among my own circle of friends) attending the open houses. I'm not certain if this happens only in the malay society or it is the same with other races in this country. I can't help but notice that wives will willingly tag along their husbands to the latter's friends open houses. But rarely do I notice that husbands are willing to do the same when it's their wives' friends open houses. To me, this is simply a case of taking advantage and to a certain extent bullying. Some wives will totally disagree with my opinion but I'm entitled to one. It's expected that these wives who oppose me will have their reasons, and some very common ones will be "men are like that", "wives should do what the husbands want them to", "i don't mind as long as he's happy", "what to do...i don't want to fight".

This is one of the explanations why women are endlessly oppressed by men. All in the name of love and being an obedient wife. Is this the only way that love and obedience can be translated?

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