Friday, 16 October 2009


When two people in a common group differ in their ways and views, dissatisfaction lingers, respect lessens and tolerance reduces. It's almost impossible to pretend nothing is happening and it's so awkward to be in their presence and act as if everything is all right. What makes matters worse is when both try discretely to convince others they are making more sense and being professional.

It's so tiring when we have to be around these people. How do we deal with matters like this? It makes it worse when these people are our friends. It's like what it says in the song "torn between two lovers". But hard as we try to be fair to both, they become sceptical and wary of us. Sigh.

Dear friends and colleagues, please come to your senses. Life is too short to be be wasted by filling our hearts with hatred and discontentment.

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