Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Have Faith...

Very often students who have ended up in the Teacher Training Institutes said that they are here because their parents want them to. Perhaps they are telling the truth because at this stage of their life, they are still dependent and therefore decisions are still made by parents. Some are happy to be here, irrelevant if it is what they wished for or if it is what their parents desired. However, there are others who are are here filled with resentment and frustrations.

Parents only want the best for their children. To the middle-class and working class society, teaching as a profession is a guaranteed security career-wise. The younger generation, nevertheless, gives little consideration on the matter of career security like parents do. Thus, conflict of interest occurs.

This year marks my 28th year being in the profession. I started off reluctantly, just like many of my students I have encountered and spoken to. Being the youngest in the family, I had to fulfill my parents' wish to have one of their children to be a teacher. The difference is I did not bottle up my anger and frustrations the way some students do today. I learned to accept whatever that came my way, enjoyed my college days, became a teacher and learned to love my work and all the children entrusted to me. I believe my parents' prayers have contributed greatly towards all my achievement and my well-being in this profession.

So dear students, if teaching is in fact your parents' ambition rather than yours, do not be miserable. There must be a very good reason why things have turn out this way for you; why you have ended up in a Teachers Training Institute and not elsewhere. Trust your parents' intuition. Just do your best and leave to God the rest.


  1. (Shed tears)

    Yes, Have Faith and leave the rest to God!
    You are right. There is always a reason why you ended up here and not somewhere else.
    28th years, I wonder where I will be by then?!

    Take this opportunity to thank you, a wonderful lecturer. :)

  2. I don't know whether I really have been a wonderful lecturer to you but thank you for having faith in me when you were my student.