Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Of Breaking Fast

Breaking fast at restaurants seems to be a trend nowadays. It may be common among youngsters and those not staying with their parents but for the past few years, even families were seen to break fast at eateries. To some, perhaps it's a privilege but to many, I'm sure it's out of choice.

In my childhood days, I don't remember having that advantage of breaking fast outside my own home. It was always with my family at home. My late father's rule. It may sound conservative today but we must bear in mind that family institution then was defined differently in comparison to now. I wonder if these days there are parents who think like my late father.

Nevertheless, since people have the tendency to break fast at restaurants, a few things should be taken into consideration by the owners of these eating places or those who operates them. Firstly, toilets have to be squeaky clean. Secondly, there should be a separate prayer room for both men and women. Thirdly, each prayer room must have a place for ablution. These are basic facilities which will contribute to Muslims practicing their religion without difficulty.

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