Saturday, 26 September 2009

My Family : 1 Syawal 1430

This photo was taken on the 1st of Syawal 1430 (20th September 2009) at a photo studio in Tg. Malim town. A way to make Mum feel happy by capturing her moment being surrounded by her children and grandchildren and this photo will keep her company when everyone has gone back to their homes.

My endless love for my dear Mum.

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusannya di dunia dan di akhirat kelak.

Salam Aidil Fitri

Most people are back at work by Wednesday or Thursday after the Raya break. The Raya "thrills", however, is not over yet. There will be "open house" concepts practiced even at work places and this will go on till the end of Syawal. This will be the time when we see unity among all races. Funny though that it takes food to unite us. Such occasion repeats at every festive season. Thus, can we consider our unity seasonal? I hope not.

Salam Aidil Fitri to all.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Trust The Path You Walk

By Dr. Angela Heppner

Sometimes, more often times then not, people come into your life and you will know right away how special they are and that they were meant to be there. To serve some sort of purpose, help teach you who you really are, or direct you to the path of who you wish to become.

You never know or see them coming but once you lock eyes with them, get to know them, or share in their light, you realize that every moment spent with them that they will affect your life in some unique and profound way. Sometimes things can happen to you that at the time may seem painful, unfair, an injustice or uncalled for. Upon reflection however; you realize that without all of these obstacles you would have never realized or grew to know your real potential, your true strength, the will power you possess or your heart and true identity.

Everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by chance, by means of good or back luck, or by coincidence. Illness, injuries, loss, love, moments of true greatness and potential all appear to test the limits of your soul and help you to excel. Without this, life would be like a smoothly paved road, where nothing is lost but neither nothing is gained.

The people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls you experience create who you are and take you up your own personal ladder of greatness to become more than you imagined possible. Often times the unpleasant lessons and trials in our lives are the most important as it is these that push us towards our true potential.

If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart, forgive them and release the situation and if need be the person with love and the highest regards. These are the ones who have taught you about trust and who in the future you will open your heart to. If someone loves you, love them back with every fiber of your being and unconditionally. Do this not only because they love you, but because they are teaching you how to love and how to open your heart and eyes to truly appreciate the little things in life.

Make every day count, live it like it is your last, appreciate every moment and every breath you take, taking from this everything that you possibly can. You may never be able to experience it again so talk to those you do not know, share an act of kindness and giving. Let yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights as high as your heart will take them.

Tell yourself that you are wonderful, great and believe in yourself. Who will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? Furthermore, who can love you for you, if you do not give this to yourself? Believe in miracles, be a miracle so that you may also be able to experience miracles in your life.

Never be afraid to take chances and risks. Your greatest rewards and that which you truly desire is hidden behind the tallest mountain. Climb to the top, but never forget who helped you along the way. Gather those you treasure and take them with you.

Do not ever be afraid to fly, until you spread your wings, you do not know just how far you can fly. If you can dream it, you can do it! Never give up, the road of persistence and patience can bring so many riches to the heart. Your own personal beliefs and morals are the roadmap you have built for your own life. These are equivalent to how you think, act and respond to lifes successes; opportunities and what are perceived as shortcomings or failures.

The way you think about yourself and believe to be true about yourself and society dictates your own personal successes and outcomes. When you believe that success and happiness is yours now and will continually flow to you, it will. That which you focus on the most, you start to see more clearly, listen to your heart, what is it guiding you to focus on? When you focus on the positive it to becomes your reality and you become more surrounded by such.

Positive and empowering thoughts and feelings allow the universe to reward you with unlimited opportunities for greatness. Prioritize, focus and remain constant and steady on no more than two visuals to help alleviate confusion. Say “I Want” or “I wish for” rather than “ I don’t want this or that.” If you focus on the “I don’t wants,” this is exactly what you will have. Act and do, rather than fear. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is that the successful do it anyway in spite of everything.

Never fear making a mistake, these are actually lessons in disguise. If a mistake were to be named, it would be found in the “Not learning.” We become who we surround ourselves with. If you do not like that which is around you, the change either starts with you, or the attitude you currently have regarding such.

Never allow anyone to rain on your parade, or to try to take from you, your dreams, goals and aspirations. Success is measured not be one alone but by the whole. Align yourself with those who ring true to your purpose and who can share in your vision. Learn also from the wisdom of others and if it resonates as your own personal truth, then pass it on to others who also may benefit from it.

Rather than waiting until you learn more, have more, do more and experience more, the time is now to fully embrace and believe in yourself. If it is beyond your control, then you must release it, if you can change it; then change it; only you can do this. If the outcome seems to be the same outcome time after time, one being unsatisfactory to you, try something new, a different approach. The same actions will always bring the same results. If you wish for something different, then you must try something different. This is better known as breaking unhealthy life patterns. The ones that seem to keep coming back and repeating themselves time after time. It is not up to your surroundings to change.

Respect is the ultimate key to all our relationships and basically every facet of life. When this is present, there are no conflicts, no disagreements; no difficulties. There are also no boundaries set and none to break. Give and do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you wish to walk in freedom, also give this to another, this is respect. Walk your path and do what rings true to you, but also lovingly support the paths and choices of others in your life and circle and personal relationships, this is respect. Would you wish anything less for yourself? Without respect, there really isn’t anything holding the relationship together. Respect over flows into every single righteous aspect including love. There is no one way, it is always at least a two way street. There is no me, but we. We must not only think of ourselves and what our own aspirations and dreams are, but also those of another. This is respect and love. To have or be in any sort of relationship, there is more than one. Whatever it is that you wish to have in your own life, pay this same respect and kindness and consideration to another, so that you may be able to rightly receive this for yourself.

About the Author:
Dr. Angela Heppner holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences (B.Msc.) degree, Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree, Philosopher Of Holistic Life Coaching (Ph.D) degree, Aromatherapy (S.N.H.S. H.I.Dip.), Hypnotherapy ( S.N.H.S. Dip.), Crystal Healing (S.N.H.S. Dip.), Color Therapy (S.N.H.S. Dip), Shiatsu (S.N.H.S. Dip.), Public Relations (Dip.). She is an Ordained Minister, Journalist - Free Lance Writer, Poet / Song Writer, and most importantly, does healing with the Arch Angels. See more about Dr. Heppner on Facebook or at

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Of Breaking Fast

Breaking fast at restaurants seems to be a trend nowadays. It may be common among youngsters and those not staying with their parents but for the past few years, even families were seen to break fast at eateries. To some, perhaps it's a privilege but to many, I'm sure it's out of choice.

In my childhood days, I don't remember having that advantage of breaking fast outside my own home. It was always with my family at home. My late father's rule. It may sound conservative today but we must bear in mind that family institution then was defined differently in comparison to now. I wonder if these days there are parents who think like my late father.

Nevertheless, since people have the tendency to break fast at restaurants, a few things should be taken into consideration by the owners of these eating places or those who operates them. Firstly, toilets have to be squeaky clean. Secondly, there should be a separate prayer room for both men and women. Thirdly, each prayer room must have a place for ablution. These are basic facilities which will contribute to Muslims practicing their religion without difficulty.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Merit comes from making right choices

Wednesday September 2, 2009

Musings by Marina Mahathir (The Star Columnist)

Living the faith is not just about avoiding what is prohibited, but more so about doing the right things where morals and ethics are concerned.

IN this month of Ramadan, one naturally focuses on questions of faith. And indeed, with several controversies in the papers, we can’t escape it at all. Every day our lives seem to be increasingly circumscribed until the question of choice in our lives becomes irrelevant.

There are some people in our midst who seem to think that the only way to fulfill our religious obligations is by removing any sort of temptation or challenge in our paths.

Since we are prohibited from drinking, the answer is therefore to remove any form of alcohol from our sight so that we may never have the opportunity to be tempted by it. Or, to disallow young Muslims to attend events sponsored by alcoholic beverage companies. The assumption is that by the mere presence of liquor, we would abandon all inhibitions and imbibe.

This suggests two things. One is that the religious education of the young must be so inadequate that they feel totally uninhibited when faced with what they should know is prohibited.

Secondly, our faith is essentially a weak one since it can never restrain us from breaking rules.

There are other faiths that have food prohibitions as well. Many Hindus and Buddhists don’t eat beef. There are people who take no meat at all. Yet, living in a world of carnivores, where the beef burger is ubiquitous and most people are oblivious of others’ dietary restrictions, they stick to their diets throughout their lives. Do they have stronger faith than Muslims?

I’m trying to imagine a world where our faith is supposedly secured by having absolutely no temptations or challenges at all. We can ban every form of alcohol (including medicinal ones), we can cull every single pig in the land, but does that mean we will be able to float about blissfully certain that we now have a place in heaven?

In countries where alcohol is completely prohibited, an underground system invariably springs up and people drink much more, perhaps because it is illicit.

People who are used to ham made from turkey meat and bacon from beef tend to assume, when they travel to other countries, that all the bacon and ham there are also made from the same meats.

Children who have never seen pigs gush over the cuteness of those little pink animals with the funny snouts.

But faith is about more than just prohibited drinks and foods. It is also about morals and ethics. Every day we are faced with choices that challenge our sense of morality. Do we pay a little extra to the officer in order to expedite our applications? Do we beat the red light, thus endangering other people, just because we are a little late? Do we keep quiet about a mistake we made and let others take the blame?

It is our faith that is going to provide us the answers to these questions. And sometimes these questions can be difficult to answer. Does that mean therefore that we should just get rid of them so that our faith need never be tested?

It would be nice to get rid of corruption completely so that we never have to deal with it. But do we hear of anyone calling for a ban on it? Or mobilising religious officials to catch anyone giving or receiving a bribe?

If our faith directs our way of life, then ethical and moral questions should dog us every day. How is it that those calling for people who drink to be whipped have nothing to say about people who neglect to repay loans? Or who leave their children in destitution? How is it that the voices that bay for rock concerts to be banned are not just as outraged by the existence of the homeless and the hungry?

Faith, as someone said, needs to be exercised regularly. Otherwise it gets flabby. In what way can it be exercised if we think that living in a religious utopia is what we should aim for? Is it better for our faith to be exercised by the trivial rather than the big moral questions of poverty, illiteracy and violence?

God said in the Quran, “if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all”. (6:149)

We could all be perfectly good if He had so willed it. But we are given choices because that is how we earn our merits. We have the opportunity to think about what we should do and then decide.

In that way we have the chance to think about what ethics we want to apply in our lives. Take away that choice and we never have to think about morals and ethics. What sort of human beings would we be then?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Have Faith...

Very often students who have ended up in the Teacher Training Institutes said that they are here because their parents want them to. Perhaps they are telling the truth because at this stage of their life, they are still dependent and therefore decisions are still made by parents. Some are happy to be here, irrelevant if it is what they wished for or if it is what their parents desired. However, there are others who are are here filled with resentment and frustrations.

Parents only want the best for their children. To the middle-class and working class society, teaching as a profession is a guaranteed security career-wise. The younger generation, nevertheless, gives little consideration on the matter of career security like parents do. Thus, conflict of interest occurs.

This year marks my 28th year being in the profession. I started off reluctantly, just like many of my students I have encountered and spoken to. Being the youngest in the family, I had to fulfill my parents' wish to have one of their children to be a teacher. The difference is I did not bottle up my anger and frustrations the way some students do today. I learned to accept whatever that came my way, enjoyed my college days, became a teacher and learned to love my work and all the children entrusted to me. I believe my parents' prayers have contributed greatly towards all my achievement and my well-being in this profession.

So dear students, if teaching is in fact your parents' ambition rather than yours, do not be miserable. There must be a very good reason why things have turn out this way for you; why you have ended up in a Teachers Training Institute and not elsewhere. Trust your parents' intuition. Just do your best and leave to God the rest.