Sunday, 30 August 2009

Posted to Rural Areas

One of my students who graduated from University Malaya a few weeks ago is posted to an Orang Asli school, 60 km from Sg Siput town. The place has no electricity and water supply, what more a handphone line. To get to the school is either by a four-wheel drive or on a scrambler. To top it, she's the only lady teacher in the school. She fears for her safety and is very unhappy. I said a few words of encouragement to her but I doubt if that made her feel better.

How can any teacher be effective if there is no peace of mind and emotionally unstable? Basic facilities are neccasities which are essential in life. Security is crucial. We can possibly learn to survive with minimal facilities but safety cannot be negotiated. Teachers are sent to these rural areas to educate children. Will they be able to do that when reluctance and anxiety govern them.

Those who are not teachers may not understand the angst of having to face the situation. I am not against fresh graduates to be posted to rural areas but some things should be considered so that their wellbeing is not taken for granted.

To those who face the same state of affairs, I wish you all the best. Through thick and thin, work towards excellence. One day in hindsight, you will smile with satisfaction for surviving what may seem to be the worst experiences in your early career life.


  1. Become a teacher is a noble job as our prophet spreading ALLAH'messages to HIS creatures.As a future teacher, we must prepared physical and mental to accept where are we posted to. based on the activities provided such as gerko activity in IPIK I think we can manage our feeling to accept the challenges in future. INSYAALLAH...:)

  2. That's a very positive attitude. I like that. I hope when your time comes, you are physically and mentally prepared to accept whatever comes your way.

  3. Since i decided to become a teacher,i know that i will face many challenges at the future as i will take a responsible to develop our future generation.furthermore, we can see that the kids now are more advanced and exposed to a lot of negative things in this global era.Therefore, i always pray to ALlah for my strength and my sincerely especially when i'll become a teacher in the next 5 years so that i will accept even i will be posted to undeveleopment areas...insyaALlah

  4. I love this post much.
    Well, first,thanks for the wishes, Ms. I think those who were/are down and almost giving up out there in the middle of no where will get a boost by reading your post. Thanks!

    Next, after reading the comments, I would only say, 'not until you walk a mile in the person's shoe that you could understand and empathize his/her situation.' Is not a matter of whether we KNOW what to do, or READY to do, or SHOULD BE ABLE to do... Is just whether you CAN or CANNOT do it when you are dump into the situation. Life is Cruel! (just to share)

    Lastly, thank you for voicing out for the fresh graduate teachers. I vote for you, jadi Menteri Pendidikan! Tq.